Mozea designs and crafts unique, timeless furniture for contemporary residences.

Located in the Sibiu region, we are fusing the know-how experience of local craftsmen with the modern mindset that puts design first and relentlessly finds ways to bring ideas to life. Together, we are continuing the legacy of passion and prestige while creating the classics of tomorrow.

The Province

Deep in the Transylvanian region of Romania, the city of Sibiu is the hometown of our brand and our guilds. Renowned for its rich cultural history and craftsmanship heritage, its first attested guilds (Tanner’s guild, Carpenter’s Tower and the Potter’s Tower) date back between 1357-1366.

The villages around Sibiu keep the history of artistry alive as locals still master working with wood, leather, glass, metal, and ceramics.

The Veterans

With the fall of the communist regime, followed by a corrupt government, many factories in Romania shut down. This led many highly skilled craftsman to lose their jobs and be forced to take on less specialized work to keep providing for their families.

We seek to reintegrate these craftsmen by making good use of their knowledge and skills, while paying them reasonable wages for their qualifications and experience.

The Young

Huge interest for design started growing rapidly in Romania amongst the younger generation. Through design schools, international fairs and other documenting platforms, some exceptionally talented Romanian designers have arisen. This is something that we want to be part of.